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                                                  Price list

Make sure YOUR property stands out from the pack!


     Investing in Professional photography is an inexpensive and essential                way to gain an edge on the competition. It Entices the potential buyer to look more closely...




        8 daylight images 

              $100.00                                                   Suitable for a rental/small unit or vacant property 

       15 daylight images

              $150.00                                                   Suitable for a standard 3 or 4 bed house.

15 daylight  images & styling 

              $200.00                                                   Suitable for a standard 3 or 4 bed house

25 daylight images & styling 

              $250.00                                                   Suitable for a Prestige property 



15 images .$220.00                                               Suitable for a Prestige property

25 images $300.00                                                      or a home with a unique frontage or outdoor entertaining.

 3 Daylight Exterior images


All prices are inclusive of travel within the Redcliffe peninsula only.Fro travel outside of the peninsula

please contact me for a quote.


Taking time and care to move /rearrange your own decorator pieces to make your home more appealing, this does NOT include moving any large heavy furniture,

All items moved will be put back in their original place before i leave your home.






I  understand how fast the Real Estate industry is and situations can change in an instant! however i respectfully ask for 24hrs advance notice to cancel or reschedule photo shoots (except in particularly bad weather, thats just unavoidable)


Within the 24hr window a $50.00 cancellation fee will be issued.


If i arrive at the photo shoot and then find that the shoot is cancelled or i am denied access to the property  the cancellation fee is $75



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